Trading Journal

Ok time to get this thing started. I’ll post a bit everyday. I am going to start out using Stacey Burke’s style of trade journaling. He’s located at Here is his explanation of trade journals: Youtube Video: How To Use A TRADING JOURNAL Like A Professional 

I also wanted to give you guys a glimpse of the refurb I bought from Discount Electronics in Austin the other day. So far im pretty happy with it. This is what I will be using for trading.


So before i publish any journal entries or articles on the current state of crypto etc., allow me to outline Stacey Burke’s journal format so I can use that as a template moving forward.

Before beginning he briefly discusses the importance of keeping a TJ and how it can effect your results.

Firstly he says you should state your goals and alludes to stating different goals based on the timeframe you’re referencing. So we should pick a 5-10 year goal, followed by yearly, monthly, weekly, and daily goals. It Should look like this:

(These steps come after Pre Market TA, FA, and Media analysis.)




Month: (He mentions he has another video on setting goals where he outlines 4-5 30-day goals)

Week: (i.e. have more limit orders as opposed to market entries, only trade certain times, set tight stop losses, keep a routine)

Day: set intention for that session like an athlete. (Be aware of intraday news releases)

2.Raw data (Basic P/L scenario)

Ref. Number:








3. Prep. Check major New releases for broad political and economic landscapes, (use bookmark tab to cycle through news and social media. What time will they be released for pre market entries leave twitter and telegram open to monitor changing sentiment)

3b. Trade notes

-Why I took the trade (What I was seeing)

-Trade setup

-How my headspace/psych space was

3c. Follow with TA and FA notes

4. Debrief (long/short, )

-Did I follow my plan

-What did I do well

-What can I do better

-What did I learn

-Did I prepare properly

–did i go through my pre market routine

–were my charts good

–was i too impatient


It may be a good idea to put these out on trading view and youtube in the future. I thought the chronology of his outline was a little off. For example, Some of this is pre-market stuff and some of it is for a true post trade journal entry, and not a lot of that is made clear. I’m certain to do my own adaptations on his version in the coming weeks and months.

In the meantime, happy trading and cheers.


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