Market/Crypto-Market Sentiment for 3/29/18 (w/brainstorming)


(I have removed the tertiary news sources for the markets and the crypto markets since most of the featured stories have already been reported in the major two, and these removed sources are ranked 3rd under google trends. I set a calendar reminder to recheck google trends 1 month before Fiscal year end)

CD- Bitcoin lightning live but can it keep from going corporate, Major cryptos are hitting lows today, 7k next? Btc bears pull off downside break, what its like to talk to the sec about your ico, china central bank nervous about risk to yuan, bch safe haven flow to btc, 2 japan crypto exchanges to shut down.

CCN- eth users support hard fork to ‘brick’ eth ethereum miners according to poll. Our miner supports as well. 2 largest asia exchanges look to exit asia due to impractical policies, crypto mining cpu’s gaining popularity in s korea, students using aid to buy crypto, tom lee says hodl, easter death cross lures bears

CNBC- windows chief leaving during restructuring, trump upset at amazon policies-shares slump, buying tesla after dips has paid off in the past, Tim Cook comments on FB scandal. Shares of a company trafficing in FB data loose a third of its value, Fundstrats tom lee says hodl, lyft co founder zimmer says owning a car wont make sense by 2025

BLOOMBERG- rENAULT NISSAN merger, volkswagen walked away from near fatal crash, remington was turned down by 30 lenders after school shooting, btc down, barclasys pays 2billion to settle mortgage suit, carbon neutral workplaces a reality, consumer sentiment in us surges to highest since 2004.

TWTR- (Yesterday after reading my cryptofficial twitter list i noticed tron made an anouncment and the value jumped a couple days ago. I felt the sentiment would increase and it did, but it’s close to a resistance line and im waiting for that break out before i buy. Either way, I need to learn more about poles and flags before I get heavy in on it. Trying to take structured risk here.) heavy tweeting from NEM, mostly reposts, CREDITS tweets a pre beta version open at ~0830 local, some buying after a strong decline on the hourly chart, Tron continues climb. Suspicions on price pump confirmed positive sentiment on r/bitcoin, mostly negative sentiment on r/bitcoincash

TRADINGVIEW- Tron continues upward, most of the crypto market bearish with btc transitioning the death cross

CMC/APOGEE- see volx24h and 7d below

VOLUME MOVERS- XPA 41% in 24 sharply & 7d is stair stepped, skycoin SKY is up 38% 24h sharply with a stair step upward on the 7d, Tron TRX is up 10% and a forcast, bytom BTM up 5% in 24h and gradual over 7d, Storm regaining traction after pump and dump, basically flat with slight growth over 7d and only up 1%, only notable because of last weeks history. Will observe

Notes: (need to work at keeping my schedule. Treat it like a work day and do all preparations before hand, when i get distracted by some call i can’t be walking away from the terminal like it’s a day off) I took the TRXBTC long buy for a sell tomorrow through midnight. Will await sentiment before selling. I also need to get premarket review down to an hour max before 7AM local. So that i can have more time for trading studying journaling (start a youtube channel?) and business building.

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