Market/Crypto-Market Sentiment for 3/30/18



CoinDesk- Does IRS get a cut of your BCH? Bitcoin bottom after 50 day low below 7k, taxing every bitcoin will backfire on the irs, crypto ex OKEx roll back trades after futures plunge, telegram doubles money raised in ICO to 1.7 billion, Arizona trader convicted of money laundering,

CCN- japanese luxury car dealer accepting payments up to 1M in bitcoin, Japanese IT giant fujitsu launches blockchain center in Europe, Denmarks biggest bank warns customers against crypto and blocks trading for clients, bitcoin drops to 6.6k as crypto market takes a beating, korean insurer denies claim from bankrupt crypto exchange

CNBC- Teslas day of reckoning, spacex attempts high speed boat recovery of falcon 9 nose cone, how to download a copy of everything google knows about you. John kelly looks weak, trump asserts himself chaos reigns, bitcoins worst quarter ever, 114b wiped from its value, walmart to buy humana, starbucks kevin johnson still a lot to prove

BLOOMBERG- Amazon severs ties with top lobbying firms, NYSE to buy CSE, Spacex send 10 iridium sats to orbit, stocks to get a divident boost, russia boots uk envoys, telegram raises more capital in ico, FB employees open up about scandal.

24h TWTR&REDDIT- yesterday evening trx reanounces testnet, credits investor rel. Explains why token is wining amid bear market, btc anounces ford crypto tech, ripple plays on education investment, btc anounces cobinhood delist of pump and dump coins and tether, credits anounces pre beta function, dash anounces dash purchases at austrian petrol stations, crypto live stream, contacted cardano on twitter about the San Antonio Bitcoin & Crypto Meetup, monero on ledger, CSUSD on Kucoin,

CMC/APOGEE- XPA maintaining at 9%, Bytom up to 4% in 24H trading, both steady inclines with small retracements, Kin and Aeternity up 1% on a rickety road.

TRADINGVIEW- Cryptocurrency Signal Finder reports REPUSD 26% in the green, chatcoin and startcoin up nearly 20% in 24H trading, Tron leads the way in Volume and is a buy, strongest buy ratings in midday trading are Storm and IOTA

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