Market/Crypto-Market Sentiment for 4-2-18



CoinDesk- BTC close to cutting fees, btc eyes $7k gains after death cross fails, Do you owe irs for crypto to crypto trades? I survived the eternal boy playground, wil PR?(?), Taiwan views crypto money laundering laws, korean bust for illegal power stealing on crypto mining op, TD bank views blockchain for asset tracking, chile bank cutting ties w/ crypto exchanges.

CCN- Vitalik buterin pranks eth trolls w tron meta eip(caps reward distro), russia hotels accepting crypto during world cup? BTC rebounds but other cryptos continue to struggle

CNBC- trump hits amazon again, zuckerberg fires back at tim cook, zuckerberg said an indie court could fix FB content problem, china announces tariffs on 128 us products, humana health insurer shares surge on walmarts potential bid, tesla drops 7% after model s recall and more questions about autopilot, goldman entering crypto will lead to price surge says one investor

BLOOMBERG- us stocks drop w/treasuries but dollar steady, tesla mode 3 deliveries come up short, Waymo isn’t slowing down, trump invited putin to white house for summit, the crypto hedge fund bubble is starting to deflate-at least nine funds have been shuttered so far this year, funds have losses of 23 percent in 2018 industry tracker says (knew this would happen this is why i calculated that all securities will eventually merge/morph into a blockchain, hedge funds must treat crypto as a disruptive technology to the finance sector, not replace it. We have to invest in traditional securities as well), quarter begins with investors seeking safe havens, china urges more trade talks

24h TWTR&REDDIT- Emannuel Merali joins IOTA, QTUM’s Dai announces 7k live nodes online, NEM overtweeting as usual I may have to delist them, ETC announces protocol upgrade,  BNB announces qlink wifi sharing will accept BNB as form of payment, Nano ledge most popular gift in us state nevada, trezor implementing BCH addresses, NEM on Nemred in telegram, Bloomberg crypto shows graphic of where people are buying crypto: Reddit desables bitcoin payments, TRX releases weekly report,  TRX 3 days to launch 126 nodes in 5 continents, us is top w/50 china 2nd with 24, bloomberg crypto showing deceiving numbers on crypto since 2018 is not done and they are showing it as a losing year-lol, positive sentiment on /r/bitcoin, /r/bitcoincash, and /r/cryptocurrency

CMC/APOGEE- StorJ up 32% sharply, VeChain up 22% sharply, XPA continues steady weekly climbs at 20% green on the daily, Dent up 17% over 24H, Bitshares and komodo up 16% and 13% respectively after a retracement, Green all across the board. Possibly beginning recovery, Tron up at 9% daily after a flat weekend

TRADINGVIEW- Tradingview reports GRS up 140% against the dollar, StorJ at 25%, similar sentiments to CMC. Strongest buys are BNBUSDT and, SPKETH, sells are NEMBNB and QTUMBNB

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