I need Guest Narrators for Blok-Squawk

Get on your Anchor App and leave me a voice message! Take a minute to go download the anchor app if you don’t already have it. Pull up the Blok Squawk podcast and tap on “Send a voice message”. You have 59 seconds to record it and if you mess up you can re-record it before you send it. Don’t be a lurker, be a Do’er!

“Hello, This is [Say Your Name, Business and/or handle here] For the Blok Squawk podcast on Anchor. All the information shared in this podcast is for informational purposes only. Trading results can never be guaranteed and this is not an offer to buy or sell Crypto-Currencies or ICOs. We are not registered as Investment Advisers with any Federal or State regulatory agency, and rely upon the publisher’s exclusion from the definition of ‘Investment Adviser’ as provided under section 202(a)(11) of the Investment Advisers act of 1940 as well as corresponding state securities laws.”

Is there time left on the clock? Say hi and tell me what you want me to talk about on the next podcast!!! THANK YOU!!!!

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