Market and Crypto-Market Sentiment for 3/28/18


CD- sharding ushering in radical new ethereum designs, bitcoin’s death cross may be a bear trap, “hyperledger” tech heats up ahead of software debuts, g20 crypto policy? Lets hop its a pipe dream, *crypto job intrest waned with price decline says indeed.

CCN- federal official warns against investing in bitcoin, venezuela isnt paying debts in petro says russian official (reposted story), *Alll hell will break loose, bitcoin price boom will return this year. (Anouncement) India tax filing program helping investors file on crypto gains.

CT- Editor choice: eurasian blockchain assoc. To sue social media giants for blocking crypto ads, EU market watchdog ups crypto finance derivitive requirements, head of atlanta federal reserve declares crypto is not currency, Ford proposes car to car crypto transactions (Polls?).. Hot stories: Tom Lee predicts btc at 91k by 2020, btc below 8k after mixed week, bitcoin price jumps 1k after g20 told “does not pose risk” by Carney, russians call for “Crypto Hour” to turn off equipment for eco awareness, Santander will launch ripple based payment system if no one beats them to it. Market TA shows red bearish signals across the board.

CNBC- Amazon looses 50 million in value after trump anounced he wants to go after companys tax treatment, Dems count on moderates and vets to win the house but strategy risky, corporate profits expected to be highest in seven years but it may not help stocks, Apples tim cook says parts of iphone built in us, teslas plunge could be self fullfilling prophecy morgan stanley warns, big pharma billion dollar scramble to fuel innovative startups, Nvidia has big challenges

BLOOMBERG-tech leads stock-drop, rich saudis buying hotel, fb anounces new privacy policies, Deutsche considers more cuts

FORBES- zuckerberg and bezos shed millions, google aquires tenor as mobile gif sharing explodes, teslas weak financials exposed in stock price, apple tries to win back us education but is it too little too late?

REDDIT-mostly technical chatter, a historical finance peice by Nick Szabos

TWTR- cryptofficial list updated to account for recognizable coins in the top 100 coins in market capitalization, mobile alerts added for these official twitter accounts. Be prepared to backtest response TRX made anouncement for testnet release in 2 days, chart is confirming

TRADINGVIEW- bearish signals on btc remain, trxbtc is showing a pump in line with the recent anouncement. Testnet set to launch at midnight central time on the first


VOLUME MOVERS- Mithril up 46% steadily, Achain 25% sharply, ontology 18 gradually, syscoin 18% with retracement already in progress, bytom at 13% gradually,